Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Am I?

This is a journey of a boy learning how to become a man, through struggles, good times, love, and hate this is my path.
I was born April 14, 1986 8 pounds along with my twin brother Richard in Phoenix, Arizona. I lived a normal life at least that is what I think. From early childhood I have always had a huge imagination my brother and I would come up with most elaborate stories and act them out as if it were our lives. These fantasies in many situations became my escape from some of my childhood mishaps. Now as a young man I still fantasize but I have decided to make them my reality. My first step was moving to Atlanta to attended Clark Atlanta University this transition has helped me realize that there is truly more to life and even though I may feel alone at times I'm never lonely. I have met some truly amazing individuals which as caused me to learn a great some about myself, life and friends.

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