Monday, December 29, 2008

Saks Fifth Avenue Internship

This previous semester I had the opportunity to intern with one of the most elite department stores in the world Saks Fifth Avenue. Known for its outstanding services and amazing merchandise Saks is one of the leading department stores in an over saturated market. While interning there in the visual department I learned a great some about visual standards, interior decorating and patience.

I also learned that when you are creating or doing something that you are passionate about, no matter how big or small you must always “come from within.” What I mean by this is that many people can put clothes together and call it an outfit or paint something and call it a masterpiece. But true artist always come from within themselves trying to create something that conveys a message or a feeling that they want others to understand. One cannot do this without first looking inside themselves and realizing what it is that they want to reveal. With that being said here are a few photos of some of my creations while at Saks.

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