Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drip Models

I hope you like my work, I styled these two models for this art nouveau party... look forward to more soon..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am Successful

drake;I just want to be successful, the money, the cars and the hoes I suppose. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? I came out here to New York to purse my dreams to style, to be able to create and have my own. But in the mist of it all I realized that I have it all, success is determined by you. Rather it is material gain or prosperity; life only unfolds how you perceive it. Basically how you view life is what you get out of it, so if you feel like you’re working a dead end job just working to survive then baby that is what you get out of it. But if you’re working and you’re being positive, encouraging and loving then that is what life brings back. Remember to always check yourself first; ask yourself what would love do? This is one of the best questions one can ask themselves when faced with a decision; this will also help you to choose the best for yourself and others. I find myself asking myself this question often during the day.

"Success breeds Succes" Mia Hamm

"Doubt is pain to lonely to know that faith is his twin brother" Khalil Gibran

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stinker Beanker

My nephew James Jr. aka J.J

J'lah crying in the background, Ebony stoppin by, Granny being Granny hanging out, Kara acting a fool and people over(I miss home!!)

My nyc ro-dog

I met Cassandra while working at Kenneth in NYC; she is a very genuine person with the personality of a Black girl (Aiight). Living in the city it is very difficult to make friends; you don’t really get to learn too much about people because everyone is on a schedule. But thank God I met this chick the lonely nights were replaced with adventure and cheap coronas.

Ms. Wu and I..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blink Mag Photo Shoot

(Not the actual issue)

So I had the chance to assist in this Photo shoot for the fall issue of Blink Magazine. If you haven’t heard of it Google it. The layouts and editorials are pretty dope it’s in btw a Nylon and GIANT. Well any who here are some clips make sure you look out for the fall issue.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Many Moons

Ok so I know this song has been out for nearly over a year but I really enjoy it. Janelle Monae is such a character I like how she is creating her image I kind of wish some of her music would show off her true range. But none the less the girl has talent.


From scratch to scribble “The foundation of all art starts with Skribble” I had the chance to sit down with young, artistic and extraordinaire Luther Patton the creator and CEO of Skribble, an up and coming Street wear clothing line. Getting the buzz on what his collection has to offer.

Phillip Robert Holmes: So tell me about yourself and how you got started?

Luther Patton: I’m from Tempe, Arizona and I love my city, and Skribble has always been a part of me as a visual artist but I did not realize it until I came to Atlanta. I really feel blessed to be an AUC student because, there is so much potential in this city of Atlanta.

PRH: How did the name Skribble come about?

LP:I came up with the name Skribble by scribbling on a page when I had no inspiration or was bored in class. I would try to make something out of the aimless marks that I drew to exercise my creativity and create something that no one else can duplicate. Then eventually I began drawing this scribbled pattern more often and it shifted into the inspiration behind my brand.

PRH: How does it feel to see people in essence wearing a piece of you? What was your initial feeling and how does it feel now?

LP: When I see someone wearing a piece that I created, it’s always a good feeling. It motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing and make my next piece even better. I also feel as if I need to get busier and make more stuff, because I’m not satisfied by just seeing t-shirts and hoodies. I want to diversify my brand and do big things while staying true to myself.

PRH: How would you describe your artwork and how does it correlate to the clothing line?

LP: My artwork is universal it’s whatever you want it to be, many people ask me about my pieces like what does it mean or what I am I saying. I tell it’s whatever you want it to be. You have to leave some mystery to your artwork; you can’t tell them everything they have to find out what it means to them personally.

PRH: What are some of your philosophies that you live by or you use to help you create?

LP: Really this is just something I do; I feel like if everyone just respected each other and their crafts life would not have so many problems.

PRH: What obstacle did you face as a young African American designer and what words of advice can you give to other aspiring designers?

LP: Truthfully just be yourself when you’re creating, I mean inspiration is free. Like for instance, I get inspiration from everyone and everywhere sometimes other designers but I make it my own.

PRH: What are some key concepts you keep in mind when you creating for Skribble?

LP: I always think of a female’s perspective; like what do they think looks good because truthfully they are who I aim to attract. (Laughing out loud) It’s very important.

PRH: What can we expect next from you in the near future?

LP: Growth, really everything. My fall collection will have hoodies, varsity jackets, socks, and underwear I’m going to be touching on every aspect. My vision is to create an artistic lifestyle, my clothing is just one aspect; it’s a way of branding myself. Also I’ll be headlining an art show this coming fall 2009 for Spelman College.

Styling, Photography by Phillip Robert Holmes and Photography editing by Nico Cruz