Monday, March 23, 2009

Strawbbery fields in the sky

Corinne Stevie is about to deliver a shock to the world of Hip-Hop. Her next project, Strawberry Fields in the Sky, a collaboration with Miami producer Brother to Brother, ripples with the lyrical precision and a visceral intensity that is seldom seen in any genre of music these days.
Corinne put out her first release, The Oddity, in late 2008. But, it's Strawberry Fields in the Sky that showcases the emcee/painter in her fully realized form. The album is divided into two sides. Side A finds Corinne crafting a set of five meticulous compositions, including several marathon-length tracks that challenge conventional song structures while still being easily accessible. Side B finds Brother to Brother interpolating tracks from The Beatles to create instrumental passages that thump hard as war drums. Corinne herself designed the album artwork for Strawberry Fields in the Sky.

The title track "Strawberry Fields in the Sky" begins with the drone of a whimsical sample from The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" before the track simultaneously launches into attack mode. First single "A Day in the Life," an epic song, anchored by Corinne's lyrical prowess and Brother to Brother's stomping drums. The album immediately shoots back to a fever pitch with the breakneck fury of "Michelle's Song." By the time that track ends Corinne Stevie will have inspired chin-stroking admiration.

On Feb 22, Corinne Stevie performed the album in it's entirety at The East Atlanta Icehouse. The event also featured performances from Spree Wilson, Sean Falyon, Tendaberry, Kumi Hues and the latest Nouveau Music artist Richelle L. Brown.

Art Nouveau Magazine will also host a listening party for Strawberry Fields in the Sky at the Bench in Atlanta March 20th. Physical copies of the album will be available for $10.
Download Strawberry Fields in the Sky now
Download: Corinne Stevie- Strawberry Fields in the Sky

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