Monday, March 23, 2009

Chilly-O Spring/Summer 2009 look-book part Duex

Chilly-O Clothing is set to release four new pieces from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection Part 2. You know how it goes, “Hard to Get, Easy when You Know How!” Chilly-O goes grunge for peace! Until we see significant betterment of community and social change, we will make this fashion statement. Grunge for Peace! Throw up a peace sign!

These expressive pieces are available in very limited quantities and will not be reprinted.
Chilly-O Spring/Summer Look Book Part 2

The Dream Warrior - Protect your dreams, never let divisive forces pull you away from your goal. Be a Dream Warrior.

Boom Bap - This piece was dedicated to the eloquent sounds of big city living. Boom Bap is defined as a style of hip hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare that is often at the forefront of the beat.

Here Fishy Fishy - Another brilliant creation from the Chilly-O creative team...this piece is strictly expressionistic!!! This is when you have a "lil" input on what this design represents, go figure!!!

Scuba Head - Scuba Head is a part of our exploration thinking as it relates to new realms, universes or culture with a vicarious sense of fantasy.

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