Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where I am


Have you ever set alone in a room and just listened to all the sounds around you and just let your mind wonder? I’m home alone at Randall's were I’m staying for the holiday break. As I sit here and ponder I'm coming to realize that joy isn’t where you live, or in what you drive nor in anyone else like friends its inside of you.

You control your emotions and how you chose to perceive life and the path that you embark on. You ever just feel sad because you feel that certain things aren’t going your way or you have to pay $500 to get your car fix when you just had it fixed a few months ago? Well I have and I have realized no matter what happens you still never know what’s coming your way? (I got that from Benjamin Button) Life is truly like a box of chocolate, you may think your life is crumbling down around you but you are in control of how you re-act and chose to experience the situation in which you’re going through. It's hard at first but I'm coming to understand what my pastor always said if you’re going to pray don’t worry and if you’re going to worry don’t pray. This simplistic phrase means oh some much when you live it. When you truly go to God and pray for whatever it is believe it and if it is for you God will be with you. When you began to understand this you will approach life and its obstacle with a different attitude, the attitude of whatever happens will happen (so be it). God is always in control and like the songs says he will never put more on you than you can bare. Live life, Love life you only get one chance enjoy it.

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